Which type of dental anxiety patient am I

With the 3AppointmentTherapy we treat daily and exclusively patients with dental phobia or extreme nausea and extreme dental problems.
Treatment under general anaesthesia   without fear to a new smile   especially for phobia patients
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Since 2005, there has been a highly specialised telephone counselling service for adults with dental anxiety in Leipzig.

The telephone counselling is run by the former extreme anxiety patient Andrea Herold. Ms Herold was the first patient who had the courage to go public with her dental fear.

Since 2005 (as of October 2021), more than 220,000 adults with dental anxiety have been counselled by telephone. 

With this huge wealth of experience—after 16 years and more than 220 000 counselling sessions—we can distinguish between two types of adults suffering from dental anxiety:

Which type of dental anxiety patient am I

Here you can find out whether you belong to type 1 or type 2:
1. Do you feel helpless with the condition of your teeth?
2. How long has it been since your last visit to the dentist?
3 months to 6 years
10 to 40 years
3. How great is the need for treatment?
a few teeth
all or almost all teeth are in need of treatment / many teeth are missing
4. Do you consider your need for treatment to be acute?
5. How long have you been reading about our treatment method (3AppointmentTherapy by Dr Leu)?
not long
3 to 24 months
6. What triggered your dental fear?
dissatisfaction with dentist or last treatment
traumatic experience, often in childhood
7. Do you talk to family/friends about your dental fear?
Yes, I talk to family or friends about it.
I don’t talk to anyone about it.
8. Can a dentist convince you that dental treatment is harmless?
9. Would you like the dental treatment to be accompanied by a psychotherapist?
Yes, I can imagine that this would work
No, I refuse psychotherapy. It is too late for that.
10. Can your teeth only be treated under general anaesthesia?
No, I can imagine other ways of treatment.
Yes, anything else is unthinkable.

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