3 appointments therapy: all information, procedure and objectives

With the 3AppointmentTherapy we treat daily and exclusively patients with dental phobia or extreme nausea and extreme dental problems.
Treatment under general anaesthesia   without fear to a new smile   especially for phobia patients
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

1 Appointment/ T1: open dialog. Respectful consultation.

It is very important for us that you feel understood and at your ease. Respectfully and without putting you under pressure, during the 1 appointment we will encourage you to talk about your problems. We will proceed with particular attention and we will have high respect for you and your fears. Since we treat exclusively fear and phobic patients, we are able to meet your needs in a particular sensitive, understanding and competent way. 

The first appointment takes place in a dental practice near you. Dr. Leu or an other dentist of our 3 Appointment Therapy team will personally welcome you. There will not be white overalls, dental instruments or criticisms, but a lot of understanding for your situation. During the consultation you will always have the way out in sight.

After the consultation the dentist will do a diagnosis of your oral maxillofacial system with the help of pictures and an x-ray. Together we will talk about your treatment possibilities and we will define the best treatment plan for your case. The doctor will explain you everything in detail through photos and video material, which you can take with you.

Afterwards you will receive a cost estimates in accordance with the German scale of fees for dentists (GOZ) and within the price category chosen. You will receive more convenient and simpler alternatives as well.

The goal of this first appointment is that you go home with a good feeling. It is important for you to know that even your problem can be solved. For each of your questions you will receive an answer.

2 appointment/ T2: gentle operation. Impressive results.

The 2nd appointment can be planned according to your preferences.  We take in account your suggestions and we can plan the surgery in the weekend as well. During the T2 your teeth together with your oral- and maxillofacial system will be restored in a particular gentle way. 

For the surgery in general anaesthesia, our team of specialists ( dentists, anaesthetists and dental assistants) will travel to the local praxis and take care exclusively of you. Our aim is to spare you any kind of stressful situation. 

If you furthermore suffer under injection phobia, you can choose among alternative anaesthesia induction possibilities.  

Thanks to the general anaesthesia you will notice absolutely anything of the surgery. After a short wake-up phase you will already be able to see the results. Swellings or pain are collateral effects which seldom come up thanks to the Anti-Pain-Management and Anti-Swelling-Management by Dr. Leu. 

The anaesthetist will stay with you as long as you are able to leave the clinic with a trusting person.

Our team will take care that you do not have to go home with empty spaces. In the front teeth area it is almost always possible to provide you with temporary teeth. In most of cases you can already start working from the next day. 

What does it happen during a T2?

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3rd Appointment/ T3 : New prosthesis. New life.

Between the 2nd and the 3rd appointment passes usually 8 to 14 days. During the T3 you will receive your new prosthesis. The appointment lasts more or less one hour and most patients do not need a general anaesthesia anymore, since the fear level has dropped significantly in comparison to T1 thanks to the 3 Appointment therapy. In part the fear has completely disappeared. This is only one of the many positive effects of our therapy.

After you have received your new teeth we will provide you with all the information about the further procedure. You can be proud of you to have managed something, you never would have thought it possible. 

What does it happen during a T3?

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It was a beautiful day today! I mean it just like that!!! No swelling, no pain, and no painkillers. Thank you so much! Just your time and sensitivity at T1, all the education and care beforehand and the humanity you have shown has given me complete confidence and I am already looking forward to T3.
Mr. K.M. from Brandenburg
Even I, as a confirmed sceptic, have now been convinced that it's not all scams, overcharging and rip-offs. What you get with Dr. Leu and his team is really absolutely perfect.
Mr E. F. from Bavaria
From the first email to the last appointment, everything was well thought out and perfectly organised. I felt in good hands and for me there is no question, if I had to make this decision again, I would do it just like that.
Ms S. K. from Berlin