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Successful treatment especially for dental fear / dental phobia

  • Specialised team of doctors for dental phobia patients
  • in only one general anaesthesia to your new teeth
  • new teeth in only 3 appointments
  • almost 30 years of experience in treating over 4000 dental phobia patients
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Dr. Leu Group – 3AppointmentTherapy – the Original since 1996 Gentle, customised treatment in three convenient appointments (T1>T2>T3) for your new teeth

Dental phobia is recognised as a pathology and manifests itself with more than just a fear of the drill. But years of avoiding the dentist have both physical and psychological consequences. Due to the destruction of the dental system and the increasing shame, the quality of life of those affected often deteriorates dramatically. However, in 1996 Dr Michael Leu developed the 3AppointmentTherapy especially for patients who suffer from dental phobia. With this treatment, it is possible to carry out a complete dental rehabilitation successfully in only three days.


PRE-T1 before the first appointment (T1)

The PRE-T1 team provides the first telephone contact for our patients. In an interview, which can be anonymous if you wish, the team will gently discuss your problems and questions and give you detailed advice on treatment methods. We advise our patients in German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish. The head of the patient counselling team is Ms Andrea Herold. She knows the emotions of callers very well, as she herself was a dental phobia patient for many years: until she was treated by Dr Leu.

Our staff member Lina Gerstmeyer advises you in English from Monday to Tuesday from 08:00 to 16:00. She can be reached on the following number: +49 151 7435 3830.


T1 the first appointment in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, or Manchester

During the consultation, you will be seated opposite Dr Leu in a relaxed atmosphere. He will travel directly from Germany to meet you. There will be no dental examination, no dentist’s chair, and not even a white coat. With the help of photographs and an X-ray, we assess the current condition of your teeth and develop a possible treatment plan.

An interpreter is always present on site. 


T2 the second appointment under general anaesthesia in Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Once you have decided to have the treatment, we will plan the rest of the procedure. At T2, the outpatient procedure will take place in our highly specialised competence centre in Frankfurt am Main.

Under general anaesthesia via intubation, during which you sleep soundly, your teeth will be restored according to the treatment plan. This means that everything that needs to be done is taken care of during this one session under general anaesthesia: tooth-cleaning, fillings, extractions, grinding of teeth for crowns, bone grafting, implantation, impressions for crowns, bridges, full and partial dentures, and fitting of temporary dentures. 

Thanks to a special anaesthetic technique, you will have neither pain nor the usual swelling when you wake up. Patients can leave the practice with temporary dentures after T2.


T3 the third appointment in Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Two to three weeks after T2, the prosthesis can be inserted at a third appointment. In most cases, anaesthesia is no longer required for this.

The prosthesis is designed and manufactured to enable and promote the healing of the affected tissues. In the coming weeks, the body and soul will be able to heal the wounds of the past. 

With your new smile, you will start a second life after T3 where you can eat, laugh, and love without pain or shame.


After Dr Leu’s 3AppointmentTherapy

After the three appointments, most patients’ phobia of the dentist is considerably reduced or even completely eliminated. The day-to-day care of your dentures is as easy as if they were your own teeth. Regular check-ups and prophylaxis are now carried out by the dentist of your choice. Preferably a colleague who can handle the normal fear of the dentist. However, if you wish to remain loyal to us, you can of course continue to come to us.

If you suffer from dental phobia, let our understanding PRE-T1 team advise you today, without obligation and anonymously. 3AppointmentTherapy - the treatment developed specifically for patients with dental phobia: 

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Frank Schmidseder, M.Sc., M.Sc. Doctor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Master of Science Implantology and Aesthetic Facial Surgery

Competence Centre Frankfurt am Main in Germany

In Frankfurt, the Dr. Leu Group has been cooperating for many years with the practice and clinic of Prof. Dr. med. dent. Frank Schmidseder. 

Prof. Dr. Schmidseder is a highly specialised implantologist and oral surgeon who has been treating our phobia patients in his operating theatre together with Dr Leu. 

In Frankfurt, we also have specialised dentists for pre-surgery and set-up, anaesthesia teams, compassionate assistants, interpreters, and a reliable German laboratory that produces high-quality dentures.

Many airports throughout Europe offer flights to Frankfurt Airport. 
Railway connections can also be attractive. The practice is only a 10-minute walk from the main railway station.

Our preferred accommodation, Motel One am Römer, is a 4-minute walk from the practice. Not only our patients and their companions stay there but also our specialised medical teams who travel for treatment.
Patients who travel without a companion can spend the night after the operation in Prof. Dr. Schmidseder‘s clinic.

Why should I travel all the way to Frankfurt in Germany for dental rehabilitation?
A complete dental rehabilitation, where you sleep soundly and where everything is done at once, is not possible in Ireland/in the United Kingdom.
Normal dental rehabilitation in many individual appointments at the local dentist in Ireland/in the United Kingdom is much more time-consuming than going to Frankfurt three times.
It is only with the 3AppointmentTherapy by Dr Leu that patients get complete rehabilitation and dentures by the third appointment.
Treatment under intubation general anaesthesia, during which you sleep deeply, is painless, stress-free, and often the only feasible treatment option for extremely phobic patients. 

Central Number: +44 7551 984 722


Which type of dental anxiety patient am I

Here you can find out whether you belong to type 1 or type 2:
1. Do you feel helpless with the condition of your teeth?
2. How long has it been since your last visit to the dentist?
3 months to 6 years
10 to 40 years
3. How great is the need for treatment?
a few teeth
all or almost all teeth are in need of treatment / many teeth are missing
4. Do you consider your need for treatment to be acute?
5. How long have you been reading about our treatment method (3AppointmentTherapy by Dr Leu)?
not long
3 to 24 months
6. What triggered your dental fear?
dissatisfaction with dentist or last treatment
traumatic experience, often in childhood
7. Do you talk to family/friends about your dental fear?
Yes, I talk to family or friends about it.
I don’t talk to anyone about it.
8. Can a dentist convince you that dental treatment is harmless?
9. Would you like the dental treatment to be accompanied by a psychotherapist?
Yes, I can imagine that this would work
No, I refuse psychotherapy. It is too late for that.
10. Can your teeth only be treated under general anaesthesia?
No, I can imagine other ways of treatment.
Yes, anything else is unthinkable.

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It was a beautiful day today! I mean it just like that!!! No swelling, no pain, and no painkillers. Thank you so much! Just your time and sensitivity at T1, all the education and care beforehand and the humanity you have shown has given me complete confidence and I am already looking forward to T3.
Mr. K.M. from Brandenburg
Even I, as a confirmed sceptic, have now been convinced that it's not all scams, overcharging and rip-offs. What you get with Dr. Leu and his team is really absolutely perfect.
Mr E. F. from Bavaria
From the first email to the last appointment, everything was well thought out and perfectly organised. I felt in good hands and for me there is no question, if I had to make this decision again, I would do it just like that.
Ms S. K. from Berlin